Spring 2011

Our intern, Ali - an undergraduate student from Middlebury College, details her experiences from her summer with the HOT program.

Thursday, April 21, 2011

The Battle of the Bulging Spry Bar Menu

Today, I experienced great victories over Dreamweaver. These victories were equaled by moments of head banging (which, against a laptop, you have to be careful with.) Morale is up, however, and the troops are hopeful.  After our win at the Battle of the Bulging Spry Menu Bar, it seems that nothing can keep us down.

The Battle of the Bulging Spry Menu Bar extended over a day and a half, with intermittent fighting. My adversary, the code window, far outnumbered me with brackets and equal signs.  I was only armed with ADCP plot figures, which are not particularly cooperative soldiers in this kind of battle. In fact, they sometimes appear to be fighting for the wrong side when they need to be resized or repositioned. The battleground was the left margin, where I intended to place my vertical menu bar. The code window defended this territory ferociously for unknown reasons. My intention was to layout links to the data in a more compact way to avoid excessive scrolling. The menu bar can only be described as bulging because of the 70 or so HOT cruise tabs to be inserted into and the submenus to be attached to each.  Victory came when an unexpected ally, the div tag, came riding in upon a white horse and divided my page into sections, leaving the left margin open for a menu bar.  Small victories followed in the form of color-schemes and margin adjustments. A battle waits in the next valley over concerning resizing the submenu tabs.

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