Spring 2011

Our intern, Ali - an undergraduate student from Middlebury College, details her experiences from her summer with the HOT program.

Thursday, May 5, 2011

A Brief, Codeless Intermission

After a busy day on Friday of scampering back and forth between Branden's room and my own trying to find the links that hadn't been updated to the new ADCP plots website and pouring over Matlab Help in an attempt to understand time conversions it feels odd now to be computer codeless. I am on vacation in Kauai this week and next with minimal electronic contact. Perhaps a detox treatment away from typing will bring me back to Matlab with a sudden comprehension of the construction of double axes -- or at least a newfound enthusiasm with which to greet my old friend. In either case, the accounts of my adventures in code will recommence on Monday May 16th, so check back then to learn more Matlab vocab.

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